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Who doesn’t love earning cashback?  Seriously, anyone out there not love getting money back when they purchase something?  When most go shopping, they don’t think about having the ability to get money back when they check out.  Well, that is a reality when you shop online.  There are so many ways to earn money back when you make a purchase.  I have been earning cashback on all of my purchases for years.  The reason I can do this is because of the services below. All of these are my favorite ways to earn cashback on all of my online purchases.  They are free to sign up for  and all you need to do is head to their site before you make a purchase and go through their site to the online retailers.  This gives them the ability to track your purchase and then provide you with cashback.  I have earned as much as 40% back on some purchases. That all depends on the retailer and the relationship they have setup with these cashback stores.

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I use all of the sites below.  Some have better cashback offers than others, but they all good ways to save you money when you shop.  I have earned hundreds of dollars in cashback several years in a row.  There is nothing better than getting money deposited back into my account with real no effort on my part.  I love it and I know Empowered Shopper readers will too.  Don’t waste time and get started with one (or all) of my favorite cashback sites below. You will be glad you did!



Ebates cash back logoI have been using Ebates for a long time. They have an easy to use website that offers thousands of cashback deals for so many retailers.  You can find almost all of the big online stores in their program.  It is easy to sign up and completely free.  When you start earning money, you can get it deposited to you in a variety of ways.  Seriously, put this site in your bookmarks!

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FatWallet logoIf you want to earn cashback, but also find awesome deals, then you need to look at FatWallet.  It is in the name. Their site will keep your wallet fat with cash!  Their cashback offers are great, but their deals forum is even better.  It has thousands of people, just like yourself, finding deals and reporting them back to you.  This site is especially active in the holiday shopping season.

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Mr. Rebates
Mr. Rebates logoMr. Rebates is a great cashback site. They refer to them as rebates, but it is just cashback with a different name. No matter if you call them rebates or cashback, you still earn money back when you make purchases. This service is similar to Ebates and has many of the same retailers.  Each site might have a different cash back amount, so make sure to check out both.

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Top Cashback
Top Cash BackTop Cash Back has over 2,600 stores where you can earn generous cash back on your purchases. If you sign up for an account, they will email you some of the best cashback offers. They really have awesome offers that are higher than other sites.  The cashback comes back to you in the form of a rebate, which can then be transferred into your checking account, Amazon payments account, or Paypal.

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Big Crumbs
BigCrumbs logoBig Crumbs is a little different than the other cashback sites.  They not only have great cashback offers, but they also have online coupons to save you even more.  Big Crumbs has site for the US, Canada, UK, and a few other places.  Make sure you check out the site designed for your locale and retailers near you.  Big Crumbs offers something that other cashback sites do not. They call it “CrumbShares.”  It is a novel idea where you earn “shares” equal to the amount of cashback you have earned. If/when Big  Crumbs ever sells their site, then they will set aside money to pay their members. You will be paid based on how many CrumbShares you have.  You get one share per dollar in cash back.  It is free and easy to become a shareholder in Big Crumbs!

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BeFrugal cashbackWho doesn’t love being frugal? is a cashback site which offers over 4,000 cashback opportunities. On top of that, they also have a online coupons, freebie deals, shopping tools, and much more to help you shop more frugally. They aren’t just a cashback site, but more of a frugal shopping destination to help you have money.

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